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She isn't a loli.
It's uploaded on konachan as well and not tagged as such.
BattlequeenYume said:
It's uploaded on konachan as well and not tagged as such.
a small girl, flat chest, everything to be considered loli, even in konachan I thought it would be considered loli wtf xD, but here it will not be deleted for being explicit loli as in konachan, so I don't think you need worry, but it looks like it was upscaled.
I'm pretty sure every image board has its own rating and tagging system - so tags on other sites are 100% not interesting.
Date Feb 19, 2013 User fairyren Rating Explicit Score 136 Hidden 2
It's sticky, so nope, definetly not pee...
Qsy201307 said:
I love how this gets 1 comment a year - though we messed up 2018
Double-check if the artist you think is really correct first before adding its corresponding tag.
Date Apr 19 User RyuZU Rating Safe Score 34
He want to do something with tissue.
Hah. After watching the previous ep., this looks extra nice.
Date Apr 20 User mood Rating Safe Score 52
For some reason this recently uploaded bunch of images has the anime name on them _in Russian_ . They could be derivative works
I heard they're legitimate official wallpapers from Russian distributor/agent of this movie. Don't have a source unfortunately.

And the image definitely went through some heavy "processing" (not that bad though).
This anime is in Russian cinemas since April 19. Well, now you can contemplate our posters on Yandere Х)) Это так мило))

Так, все, кто из России, не забываем в кино на это аниме идти. Нельзя допустить того, чтобы оно провалилось в прокате.
…I feel it unreal...without reasons...something,emmmm,is strange
Deleted preview 
Please just block this user from uploading junk.
Date Apr 17 User Spidey Rating Questionable Score 30
This is strangely erotic
AbsoluteEcho said:
This is strangely erotic
Well said.