Date Aug 4, 2008 User petopeto Rating Safe Score 26
And I just saw this looking from some rainy images oh danbooru donmai too ^^

I thought it was a pretty neat idea too :D
I agree it's a pretty neat image. Just wish I knew who the artist was.
bunnygirl said:
I agree it's a pretty neat image. Just wish I knew who the artist was.
I'll jump back to donmai and see if they have IDed this image yet then ^^

ps: It was actually under the wet "tag", lol ^^ since wet seems to correspond with "rain" so well.
Just happened to stumble across this image on Pixiv. It lists the artist's name as "urimo", so I'll use that as the tag.
Date Aug 3, 2008 User admin2 Rating Safe Score 7
I'm back from vacation and I'm a bit lost. Can someone tell me what's up with this pic? ^^u
It's the alternate manga of D.C II. A "What if Nanaka was Yoshiuki's sister instead of Otome and Yume".
Oh snap I'm interested. Where do I read? :3
try rapidshit, but it's not translated. iirc only the prologue was.
Date Aug 4, 2008 User horson Rating Safe Score 46
I almost thought these 1 of these 2 extractions were a dupe ^^
Date Aug 3, 2008 User Radioactive Rating Questionable Score 10
"Ecchi nano ha ikenai to omoimasu!"
Date Oct 30, 2007 User Anonymous Rating Questionable Score 24
Date Jan 14, 2008 User admin2 Rating Questionable Score 81
Date May 13, 2008 User ViBaYo Rating Questionable Score 77
すごいです。( `ー´)
yes! i was looking pictures of shoujo material since it was sold up on akihabara *_*
Date Jul 30, 2008 User majoria Rating Questionable Score 12
why is it stretched so much? geass characters are noodley enough as it is
Nah, someone forgot to stretch the cap from 1440 to 1920 pixels.
Date Aug 2, 2008 User vita Rating Questionable Score 5
shikabane = body
hime = princess
Date Mar 9, 2008 User Akikun Rating Safe Score 1
This is the same artist who did Someday's Dreamers, too, right? =3 I like the style very much!
Same. I like this artist's style too. It has that really soft colored style. The clouds looks great ^^

Gahh... I can never photoshop clouds >.<