Date Apr 14, 2007 User admin2 Rating Safe Score 10
as usual, someone else can remove the line...
Didn't remove the line, I suck at clonebrush, if someone else wants to do it go for it. I might scan more d-hime stuff in the future..
I don't know if words can describe how incredibly happy this picture makes me feel...
Date Apr 12, 2007 User Velen Rating Safe Score 7
Rin owns my soul
Date Apr 8, 2007 User vita Rating Questionable Score 39
This is awesome beyond a doubt!
Is this Suigintō from Rozen Maiden?
Illustrations that appear in the Girl's Avenue section of Megami seem to be original characters
took long for her to show up
Date Apr 1, 2007 User Lucy Rating Safe Score 13
nayuki is the best :)
nice scan
Date Apr 3, 2007 User vita Rating Safe Score 27
Look man, if you're going to make a complaint everytime vita uploads an alternate scan, then you may as well GTFO. He's been uploading scans since before you even heard of the site, and long before you started to upload the scans you found on 4chan.
Yeah no more scans/pics from 4chan/Minitokyo/Animepaper, they all suck, the latter are only 2mb jpegs, too, lol !
Nobody said there was anything wrong with scans from 4chan, AP or MT. I get a lot of decent scans from 4chan. I'm just saying, that he shouldn't be whining all the time ...or at the very least, whine on irc or the forum instead of on every other scan.
Well I didnt whine, just wanted to ask for vitas opinion.
But since he doesnt even tag the pictures which were already posted+tagged I guess he doesnt give a shit.
I still dont know if thats the original pic, or just another reshop+resave...
Seriously, stop bitching or GTFO. vita's been contributing since day #1, and if you don't like the way he does it, then go somewhere else.