Date Apr 25, 2007 User Velen Rating Questionable Score 27
Date Apr 23, 2007 User waha Rating Safe Score 12
Getting a complete scan of this would require destroying the calendar, which I flat out refuse, so you'll have to make do with this. (January/February image btw, might scan the rest if I'm bored)
Date Apr 18, 2007 User blues Rating Safe Score 19
about 13 years ago
I'm certain it's Nanao Naru, so I shall tag accordingly.
Date Feb 7, 2007 User admin2 Rating Questionable Score 45
about 13 years ago
I've got another version of this where her bra isn't unclipped, However its only 933x1333, Should I post it or not?
Date Apr 16, 2007 User Velen Rating Questionable Score 15
about 13 years ago
I'd like to say it's Hiro Suzuhira, judging by the design of her face, though I could be wrong. I'll add the tag anyway for now.
looks more like carnelian..
You both fail, it's Kimizuka Aoi. :)
Aren't the first name supposed to go last? That's what it says in the rules.
I'm not positive, but I think the first name last thing is only for Japanese names. It doesn't count for this since Arc has a western name.

That's just a guess and all, but it makes sense.
Oh..I thought it went for all names...
Date Apr 17, 2007 User Anonymous Rating Questionable Score 73
Ugh I wasn't logged in -_-.
In case anyone's curious, the mean looking blonde's name is Eleanor ("Ereonooru"), and Louise's mother's name is Cattleya ("Katorea"), I think.

Great scan.
they're both louise's elder sisters
i wonder who her mother will look like then...
Date Apr 14, 2007 User admin2 Rating Safe Score 10
as usual, someone else can remove the line...