Danbooru-based image board with a specialization in high-quality images.
oreno.imouto for PHP (to manage image collections)
I think this could be of interest to those who collect images.

After testing like 4 programs to organize my collection of images, I thought the best option would be to have a local image board.

I could use Gelbooru, Shimmie or even Naranai, but they don't have the feeling and features of this site, so I took Naranai and converted it into an Imouto, so I can have my own local Imouto to manage my collections. Maybe poorly coded, but it works.

In case anyone's interested, you can grab a copy of the files here http://code.google.com/p/my-imouto-booru/downloads/list , or go here http://pop-works.blogspot.com/2011/04/finally-finished.html to see what it looks like.

Yes, it's been a lonely "project".
HI asterixvaver,

I want to be the first to say thank you for ALL your hard work!

I do have few questions:
1. Although this was designed to be local image board, can you actually upload this to a live web server and used it in the same way as oreno.imouto.org for the Internet?

2. What codes do you have to modify to do this?

3. Or do you think Gelbooru, Shimmie or Naranai would be better if someone wanted to created similar to oreno.imouto ?

Thank you,
Hi, and thank you too.

1. Yes you can. I've tried uploading pictures over internet and it worked fine. But it doesn't have the functions/sections that creates a community, like mails between users and forums, only comments, and who knows it has security leaks. Not to mention that there aren't many special functions to moderate posts.

2. You don't have to modify anything, just enter the correct values in config/ files.

3. I've not looked at Gelbooru's code deeply and never downloaded Shimmie's, but I don't think they have the needed to work like Imouto. Naranai was nothing like Imouto and that's why I modified it to the point you could say this is a whole new system (actually it is).
HI Asterixvader,

1. Other than the appearance of the site, what else do you think is different between Gelbooru and your modified code of Naranai?

2. What does oreno.imouto site have that makes it so unique amongst the other image boards sites?

3. Why did you pick to modify Naranai instead of Gelbooru? Since I heard alot of good things about Gelbooru and never heard of Naranai or Shimmie.

4. What security risks are you referring to that might exist?

5. If you ever get the chance (if you don't, it is OK), can you take a look at the Gelbooru code to see if it is superior to Naranai?

Thank you again for all your hard word that did not go unappreciated,
Checked this version of Gelbooru: http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=forum&s=view&id=99

1. Ignoring the "incompleteness" of MyImouto, the difference is in the way the data is taken and used. I made MyImouto in a way the data will work with Imouto's Javascripts, which takes us to the second answer.

2. If you compare Danbooru, Gelbooru, Shimmie with Imouto, I'd say the big difference lies in the Javascript and Json work... and in the main menu, heh.

3. I heard of Naranai first, so I downloaded it and used it. I found out about Gelbooru way too late. But looking at its code I guess I'd have had to modify it as much as I modified Naranai.

4. Well, really, I don't know... SQL injection attacks? heh. The code seems to be safe though.

5. If by Naranai you mean "Naranai", yes it is superior, it's more complete. If you mean "MyImouto", Gelbooru is more complete but I don't know if it's superior, I can tell it's different in the ways noted in answers 1 and 2. In order to make the Javascripts work, the data must be output in a certain way, not supported by Gelbooru. For instance, I don't think it'd be easy to implement the Browse mode to Gelbooru, a pretty cool feature.

If you wish to have an image board online, due to the incompleteness of MyImouto I don't think it is a good option.

And no, thank you again.
HI Asterixvader,

1. When you say the original Naranai is superior to Gelbooru because it is more complete, can you elaborate alittle more? I am trying to decide which to ultimately use. If I go with Naranai, I am considering your modified "MyImouto". It looks wonderful and you did a great job!

2. Can you provide direct link to their source page on Internet for original Naranai?

3. I never heard of the Browse mode function to oreneno.imouto. What does it do?

4. What other neat little javascipts/functions are included but not known to most users browsing oreno.imouto ?

5. Does your modified code include all these javascripts that oreno.imouto uses?

6. Actually I don't mind not having functions/sections that creates a community, like mails between users and forums. I want to use it mainly to display my own images online and not someone elses so maynot even need comment function by viewers. So the incompleteness may be a plus for me.

By the way, I like your avatar :)
1. Oh, no, I meant that Gelbooru it's superior to Naranai because it's more complete. Check out Naranai and you will see.

2. You can download Naranai from here. You can "see it in action" here.

3. Follow van's link.

4. A lot of the features work with these neat js and json functions, but they're visible to everyone, like the login window, tag scripts, delete posts in pools, vote system...

5. Yes but in a single file. If you look at Imouto source you'll see the application.js is actually 40+ javascript files that are joined together when the user requests it. There's nothing wrong with having it in a single file except when you want to edit it (it's less comfortable).

6. In that case, use MyImouto and I'll fix any bug you find, hehe.

My avatar. I like it too, it was copied off from another user that is no longer among us.

You can read differences between Danbooru and Imouto here. Documentation on browse mode here.

Finally, I don't think it's correct to call MyImouto a `modified Naranai` anymore because they're different systems now.
Finally! I have been working on a similar project for a long time, now look at this! thank you so muchit works great. Adding my own customization and such now.

two questions I have, I like how the batch upload re-parses the file names of images downloaded from this site so it automatically adds the tags to myimouto. Is there a way to add support for images from konachan as well? I noticed only oreno.imouto images work.

Also the search function that this site has where you can just type the first letter(s) or so and matching auto complete searches will popup, is help full for tags and searching.
I will PM you with the answers.
It seems to be a lot of hobbyist developers in the 'imageboard-dev' race like me!

I think building those imageboard is such a hard job! There are a lot of issues around this!
- User Permissions.
- API Compatibility.
- Security Issues.
- Cross-browser.
- Resource usage.
- And more...

I have my own imageboard running on my local server!
It's based on Gelbooru, but changed a lot and the compatibility is still maintained!
The original Gelbooru source is very buggy and the 0.2.5 version of it still buggy too!

The only one issue that I cannot make it done is the 'Browse' mode of Imouto!
I use Prototype so the cloning maybe impossible! (I don't want to use JQuery)
Anybody can help me, please?
rakisaionji said:
The only one issue that I cannot make it done is the 'Browse' mode of Imouto!
I use Prototype so the cloning maybe impossible! (I don't want to use JQuery)
Anybody can help me, please?
Imouto uses Prototype. If you want to implement Imouto's Browse mode in Gelbooru, I believe you will have to create a whole bunch of new functions to feed the application.js correctly and make it happy.
Better to create a new Browse mode system specially designed to work with Gelbooru.
hey asterisxvader, sorry to post both here and on your blog, but I am not sure where is the best place to talk to you about myimouto.
But anyway, on your blog I was commenting you about a patch I did to allow the upload of bmp, gif and swf.
And I was also telling you about an xml api for myimouto. I hope you can give me an email or something so I can send it to you
I agree with you, if I want to make the 'Browse' mode works on my board, I have to do a lot of work! It's seems to be I better start playing with this when my exams over! I have to study hard so I don't have much time for that!
I'm not good in PHP cuz I'm onriginally grown up with VB.NET but maybe I'm talented in searching for resources! (Using GOOGLE Search)
I have found one PHP class called Psd...blah...blah... that can be used for processing .psd files when uploaded! I have tried it on my AB 1.0.5 and it works oob!
It have one useful function works like imgcreatefromxxx() of php. The function is imgcreatefrompsd(). The procedure take a lot of resources and time (my test psd is about 12MB with 2 layers, it costs about 15' to make a thumbnail and 20' for samples and clone, psd files need to be convert to jpg or png to be suitable for displaying in the post_view page), so I will not use it on my board!
If you need the source, I'll send it to you! If you can optimize it and use in your board. That's would be the great job ever!
-> I love Konachan and Imouto so I inherited it with my board's css, of course with some optimizations!
Well, if converting a PSD takes so many resources and time, why doesn't the user convert it before uploading?

There are programs out there for this, like IrfanView, that is really small and with which you can read PSD files and save them as anything else. Have many PSD files? it supports batch convertion, no reason to not-to-convert before uploading. Hehe.

(or you could tell the user to upload both the psd file and a jpg/png of the psd, whatever is better than processing a single file for 15 minutes).

(and if we're taking my.imouto strictly as a local server, personally i save psd files in a different directory)...
heh sorta off topic, want my.imouto.org to point to
dovac said:
heh sorta off topic, want my.imouto.org to point to
You can use 'host' file in your system to redirect it! Add this entry: my.imouto.org
First, configure your virtual host, add the entry. Then make sure that the configuration works!
To configure the 'host' file, you must have a root access!
I recommend using Apache instead of IIS! Hope it to be done well!
P.S: This may cause some conflict with http://oreno.imouto.org. I think you should use like mine: http://myimouto
well I manage the dns for *.imouto.org, I can add it in without interfering with the site
dovac said:
well I manage the dns for *.imouto.org, I can add it in without interfering with the site
Yeah! I know what you mean! My introductions is for who want to use custom referral for it!
You want to add an A record for *.imouto.org to point to right?
I hope my guess right! Hehe!
dovac said:
heh sorta off topic, want my.imouto.org to point to
Lol, that would be awesome... hmm but "by default, my.imouto is expected to be installed in root/myimouto". I have mine in
Point to that instead? Hehe.
I've pointed my.imouto.org to
That quick edit feature is very great. wish we can import it..