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How long for a big artbook to be scanned and ready to post here?
As many of you already know, i'm a big fan of Kishida Mel. I recently discovered that a new artbook was published, that compiles the whole Arland trilogy. Its japanese title is "ロロナ&トトリ&メルルのアトリエ プレミアムアートブック". It's nearly 300 pages long and i'm wondering how long may take users to make this work available to all of us, since it seems impossible for me to buy it from japan and do the work myself. Is any of you working secretly on this?
I know this will eventually be uploaded, because all of previous Mel's works were, i'm just wondering when.

BTW, did you know that Mel's doujins cost around 300$ on ebay? That's crazy!
'How long for a big artbook to be scanned and ready to post here?'

Well, we're still waiting for a certain person to finish up the Megami scans that were shipped to them...

Don't hold your breath.
ebay isn't exactly the best place to grab doujins, as they are usually overpriced.
Yeah, i was looking for that Arland saga artbook when i found them. I was like WTF?
As a fan of Kishida Mel, i feel i HAVE to show this: His new doujin. Announced on his website. Please foolow this link: http://transient.babyblue.jp/
I wish i could actually buy his doujins. Living in EU doesn't make things easy...
ez as in cannot find or cannot buy?
Cannot buy! Too expensive!
Also, the only place i can find them is ebay, where they are overpriced, so...
tried other sites like Yahoo! Japan Auctions or toranoana?
My level of japanese doesn't allow me to buy from these sites... Any english language page that works?
Many deputy services have translation tools for the auctions which translate it for your to English plus you can email them about other specifics (but sometimes response times can vary due to time you email them from your time zone, Japan has a 13 hour time difference for me, when im most active in the evening, around 5-11pm, it's around 6-12am for them which is fine as it's business hours, so for me I get emails pretty quickly, most times but mostly vary b/t 1-6hours) and there's an English site for mandarake.

If you have no friends to guide you or you cannot do that yourself, unwilling to search for ways, unwilling to search for English "capable" sites, sadly you're SOL. Indulge yourself in some way to understand basic Japanese if you want freedom of buying.

getting off topic. pm me if you need more info.
His new doujin is on ample supply on yahoo auction japan, you should be able to get it at a reasonable price through a deputy service.