Debbie said:
now i have a lot of new and different drawing tracks to inspire me!
wow it's seem debbie in high spirits

btw..i really like this ost..
K@tsu said:
wow it's seem debbie in high spirits

btw..i really like this ost..
haha hii.. its ebcause of a litle something.. ill tell you later!
oh and i love this site, its so useful! tyvm
too bad my internet is a shit now and wont load the song
Wait for a few patches before playing Pillars of Eternity. It's a flawed masterpiece.

Tried Bloodborne, but actually didn't get on well with it. Sounds a bit weak, but found it too unforgiving...
dragon heart this is probably the long/full version of my previous post
So with the next Reitasai coming soon the circles started uploading their X-Fades and they're still updating so I'll be keeping an eye on them. For now Alstroemeria Records and Shibayan have uploaded theirs.
This time Alstroemeria brought us a very modern and up to date EDM album, without falling into genericness, as all the songs distinctly keep the Touhou melodies and flare that still give them this " lovely" feeling if I may.
Shibayan is about to release another Bossa Nova album and since one of us here is from Brazil if I remember correctly, it should be somewhat pleasing to them. I do wish they'd go back to their old, more mature and less Moe-ish music, but I've already found out the few songs I will add to my collection, especially the piano jazz ones, I love listening to them while drawing.
Reitasai12, not Comiket, corrected myself there.
Etrian odyssey music is mah life right now. uuuuu~
Looks like Koeda went solo... Ahh.
animefan01 said:
What game?

also currently playing touhou 14.5 hard mode
Anyone else playing Touhou 15?
I think AZD said he was playing the ones before that but I'm not sure.
Anyways I only recently got into K-POP. I'm still not really sure about what I feel about it but I'm enjoying SNSD's Japanese style releases.
Slightly bummed by Metal Gear Solid V

Got killed and found the last checkpoint was 45 minutes ago. It's going onto eBay now...
I'm guessing Radio stays miles away from roguelikes. :>
WtfCakes said:
I'm guessing Radio stays miles away from roguelikes. :>
10 miles.
Stream name: Yggdrasil Radio
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