yande.re posts page image sorting
Did something change with the default sorting of posts on https://yande.re/post recently? It used to always show the most recent posts but lately it has only been showing a row or 2 of recent posts then suddenly will jump to posts from 12+ days ago and they always seem to be the same group of images. I know that I can just search with "order:id_desc" to get the most recent posts but it was just easier to go to the main post page.

Yes, I have tried it with both Chrome and Firefox(I will not touch IE at all), both with and without any kind of adblock on yet the behaviour still persists. Clearing cache and cookies doesn't help either. The group of images that always seem to get pushed up in the sorting are ones specifically that have the tag suemi_jun on them and were all uploaded by the same user.

When held posts got "released", they will be on added at the end of the current index.

Also this is not "recent" change, it has been like this for years.