Recent RSS problem
So I use RSS to follow artist on, the method is RSS (not Atom.
As I know, this method will appear all the new art in page 1 of the followed artist tag,
However, recently just a bunch of old image appear, for example like ID:4xxxxx 3xxxxx 2xxxxx
(This is a on going problem for me for recently it happen so often).

This is a known issues or this is just my side of thing?
You need to be more specific. Since I don't know if RSS uses the order similar to the front page, which is NOT in id_dsec because of howto:hold.
Those are not hold post and got released, just a old file re appear on the RSS. I will include some screenshot of my RSS program with specific file.

All these file appear on yesterday RSS:
I see. Might be a database issue, @Edogawaconan.

If it happens again, feel free to report back.
The listing is correct. You can check by using normal search. No idea why your reader marked them as unread.
This is FeedDemon and it discontinue for quite a while. I'll try to find a alternative program for that. Would be appreciate if anyone had some suggestion.