It's been a while since I visited this thread.

Radioactive said:
No. Watch the first episode on Cruncyroll.
I just did today (Oh man).
Well first of all:
#1 - I know what a Kappa is now.
#2 - You did warned us...but I just had to know what you meant by "odd". Damn curiosity.

#3. - I now know that "Sarazanmai" isn't my "cup of tea" due to near or close to the half point of episode 1.
At that point, I wanted to quit watching but I promised myself I watch the whole episode and then make my decision to follow or not.
Watched the whole thing. My decision:
I'll be staying away from that Anime (LOL!).

You have quite the unique taste Mr. Radioactive (Ha ha ha ha!).
Now if you excuse me, I need to "distract" my brain from that event to something else.