New Tag Request: (not_censored or creative_censor or covered)
There is a large selection of Questionable and Explicit content that is neither tagged as Censored nor Uncensored.

Most of this content has objects, environment, or camera angles that coverup the genitals.

The majority of the content sorted as "e -uncensored -censored" should be sorted with this new tag.

Similar tags: maebari, pasties, bandaid
Not similar tags: cream, cum, see_through
Debatable tags: thong, pantsu, cameltoe, bondage

Examples of content that can be tagged as such:

Alternatively, we could create two new tags:
covered (clothing such as maebari, pasties, bandaid, thong, bondage, pantsu, cameltoe)
creative_censor (objects such as petals, ribbons, feet, toys, or any other object in front).

It's important to note that these new tags are for sexual and explicit content, that is neither censored nor uncensored.
Nope, we don't need so many variations here.