Site performance
It seems like the site has been slow to load and laggy for quite a long while now. Rating images very frequently times out and the index can take forever to load. This isn't a complaint, just asking the question can anything be done about it? I think we've reached the point where the usability of the site is not very acceptable anymore in terms of responsiveness.

I've been on this site since it's very beginning, even before my account registration date (you didn't used to need an account to get access to full images way back then so I didn't create one until the need was there).

In the last few years I've seen the site slowly ease into what seems to be its twilight years. Fewer active posters, less original scanned material, etc. That's perfectly normal for a site that's been around as long as this one has. Things come and go. I'm sure sources of revenue to pay for server bandwidth have dried up over the years.

I would hate to see the site completely fade away though. This has been a cornerstone of the fandom for me for many years now and I'd like to think it will be for years to come, but when I have to click on an image 20 times to get it to load I can't help but think that the end is near for
I agree.

Image servers have always be very slow w/ my ISP (~200k per connection) for years, but I'm OK with that since I barely download anything.

But in recent months, the response time for the main server also gets worse. Rating image timing-out is something I never saw before but just experienced it yesterday. Well to be fair, it's not *always* slow, just sometimes. Like it's fine currently. But still..
Next time you experience issues, try a speedtest from various France OVH sites:

Last time I saw issues for a few days last month, it wasn't just this server, but routing to all the France OVH datacenters which was giving 56k dial-up speeds and time-outs. I could barely even load the main OVH website properly. If this is also the case for others, probably not much we can do other than wait for OVH to fix it.

Right now, everything is fine for me though (25-50mbps).
I see that it didn't take you very long to notice this. I don't want to disclose too many details. But I can say it's us.

You wouldn't believe it, but for four years, we depend on an Intel Atom servers, delivering hundreds of TBs every month. It's already impressive at this stage what a little atom from 2013 generation can do.

While I cannot tell you the rest of the story, you can probably guess why it slows now.
So basically the server hosting the site is in need of an upgrade?
Basically we are doing -something- and because of that, it slows the site down.
Hope it's an AI or neural network for tagging
Ah, so the hardware is busy doing super secret stuff. Gotcha. Hopefully it's done fairly soon? Though I must say the last two days the site has been quite a bit faster so you must have adjusted something already.
It should be ok right now. Enjoy your fapping fix.
Checkmate said:
It should be ok right now. Enjoy your fapping fix.
New features to be introduced? Personalized recommendation? Image recognition tags? Can you give us an approximate time?
There was no mention of such thing, just speculation.
Have this issue for quiet a few months for me. I notice the performance and speed drop usually happen at a centatin time so I just think that some traffic bottle neck so I didn't care much.
Here is some detail info:
(The speed drop usually happen in 15:00-01:00, my time zone is GMT+8)
Usually I get around 80Mb on the site with my connection in the past.
Now with the speed drop sometime I only can get 10Mb on the site.
This is no longer an issue, as we have moved several TBs into a new, more modern, more powerful server. If you still have some problem, it usually means your connection.
Since I still facing this problem on daily bases. Are there any methods that can let me know is my ISP causing it or some local network issue so I can try to fix it?
Subscriptions haven't been updating btw
was working fine for me yesterday... today has come back to slow...

8/3/19... it's even worse now than yesterday... i can download 300mb size in 10 min... if you want a reference on my internet speed...

here... loading an image fluctuates from 5-30 secs

normally it's instantaneous...
still extremely slow for me, just sample alone took like 2 mins to load, other sites like danbooru still load very fast.
Two minutes is excessive, heck, even 30s is extreme for the sample. I highly doubt that.

For the past several weeks I've personally tried to surf it at busy evening (Asian timezone), and everything loads snappily fast in 3-5s.
200KB ~ 300KB/s for 50mbps , 500KB~ 800Kb/s for 4G
VPN to France 1MB/s
speed test 300KB/s
may have to email the isp if they can fix the international speed to France.
Yeah it's been very slow again the past few days. I do things on other sites while waiting for an image to load.