diet for weight loss?
what diet better to choose for lose weight? I used low carb in past.
Eat less, exercise more.
eat more vegetables and doing exercises. I do the same from time to time. I decided to get rid of fats on my arms so want to do
coolsculpting because i read about it effectiveness.
Eat more fruits and vegetables and eat less fast food,exercise more and eat some probiotics to promote digestion of gastrointestinal fat.
not really such a thing besides "not over eating". low carb diet on its own puts your body in famine mode, which means slower metabolism and the body trying to hold any fat.

you need to increase your metabolism. which happens from doing exercise.
i have lost 21kg since end of janurary, going from 124kg to 103kg. simply by cycling to work and no other change.

was 40 minutes each way at the start, now its 20ish.
Been cycling the last three months almost everyday and it's been wonderful, and of course, I'm way thinner now. I bought a MTB but road bikes are nice too.