AYTorigWii said:
guys, I need some help, could you please write all the "jobs" that you know like: clothjob it's hard to explain for me becuase i'am russian so, hope you guys can help with it!
clothjob? if you mean making clothes, that'd be "tailor". just working in a clothes shop, would just be sales assistant.
people working at a sandwich shop, icecream parlor or untrained people at a butcher shop would be "counter assistant".
pretty much every entry level factory job gets called "production opperative" if it isnt to do with a specific set of skills.
someone who makes or fixes shoes is a cobbler

your best bet for this stuff would be to use a job website for us, aus or uk. since there are thousands of possible job titles.

if you filter by "specialisms" on the left side of this linked site it might give you what you seek.