A single page web viewer
Hi, everyone

I'm been writing an one page app for myself to checkout new
posts(because there aren't any good tools cross platform, especially linux...)

It has almost satisfied my own needs for now (browse yande.re for both
Linux/windows/mobile) and I think it might have some value for you too, so i'll
just leave it here.

Default view(NSFW): https://moeview.pages.dev/
A safer tag: https://moeview.pages.dev/tag/rating%3As

# Features

- **Infinite scroll**(now limited to 10 pages in case of bugs)
- **One click download**! (**Chrome** Only)

Download images to different folders with just 1 click.
Need to approve permissions for every session though..

- **Bookmarks**: continue where you left off.
- **Mobile works great too**: using PWA. I'm using it as a phone app.
- Remember seen images.
- Simple but efficient image viewer.

# Screenshots

Main page:

![Main page](https://i.imgur.com/Wl4gIO1.png)

Image page:

![Image page](https://i.imgur.com/wN20q4p.png)

# Known issues and future plans

1. ~~UI is ugly and not intuitive, will overhaul.~~
1. Only support viewing, no favorites, etc.
1. Default empty tag is NSFW, should add default tag.
1. ~~Add more info/ops to image page~~
1. ~~In theory can support other moebooru sites, will add later.~~

Edit: decided to rename because of the original is too...bad..
And... I've made some changes:

  • UI is overhauled with material UI, it looks more like an native app on android now.
  • Added danbooru.
  • Easier browsing with more tag actions
# Video show case

Good job! It's pretty convenient to browser now.
This tool is very good and more people should know about it. That is why I am bumping this post.