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animal_ears chibi gumi hatsune_miku hiyama_kiyoteru kaai_yuki kagamine_len kagamine_rin kaito kamui_gakupo megane megurine_luka meiko miki_(vocaloid) tail toeto_(vocaloid) touhou vocaloid yukinell

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miku = rabbit
rin and len = Chick
yuki = ????
meiko =mouse
kaito = dog
luka =cat
kiyoteru = fox
gakupo =deer (you spell like that?)
gumi = frog ????
miki = I do not know if it is a ram, a sort of goat or something like that
Anaganne said:
yuki = ????
Judging by Yuki-chan's tail, it seems she is a baby rabbit (?)
As for the other guesses, you are correct.
gumi = frog ????
Tadpole maybe, Moriya Suwako cosplay, that it is...
Len is a dog if u look closely there is a tail and small floppy ears