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"Chirno"? No wonder she's sticking out her tongue at them. I thought she'd be smaller in comparison though
bakaneko said:
"Chirno"? No wonder she's sticking out her tongue at them.
There's no "ci" in Japanese, only "chi."
WtfCakes said:
There's no "ci" in Japanese, only "chi."
the English version said that she's Cirno thou... and because her name uses katakana, the "Chi" can be written "Ci" in romaji... just like how katakana of "ra; ri; ru; re; ro" can be written "la; li; lu; le; lo" in romaji based on its word...

but actually I'm still wondering about this...
some fan said that Cirno always making mistake by writing her name Saruno, well I think if it's katakana, the kana of "chi" is too far away from its "sa" on shape, while the hiragana of "chi" is just the turned over "sa" of hiragana... meaning that Cirno writes her name in hiragana... or at least that is what I know...
She just stands on the tips of her toes, she's even shorter than Youmu... WTH, Yakumo's almost as big as me?