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Dojikan-teki-kakusan-shohi toshiteno shojo-zu (Image of a Girl as Simultaneous Diffusion Consumption)



Concerning Simultaneous Diffusion Consumption
The original otaku culture consisted of consumers who valued historical contexts centered on the sub-culture, but with the increase in the speed of internet connections, many of the consumers could not keep up with the proliferation, reproduction and diffusion, giving rise to a new style of simultaneous reproduction/diffusion consumer with no historical elements.
The content of a single site is paraphrased (musically rather than rhetorically) then simultaneously and repeatedly segmented, transformed, and fused, its consumption rate increasing. It is a wonderful yet detestable situation, but one that can only continue to accelerate.

Concerning the image of the girl.
There has been so much discussion on the subject of young girls that I will refrain from adding to it here.
animal_ears bunny_ears maid sca-ji

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Sca-ji is probably one of the most unique artists in the industry. Although his art is getting a bit more mainstream.
these small pictures in it look similar.
H2o,Subahibi,original,and supreme candy
Love reading Sca-ji's writing....