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Chuuou Higashiguchi

Tokyo-oki Nikuura (The Great Wave of Flesh)


I wanted to stress one facet of Japanese underground subculture. It is a violent, sensational chaos, based on the diversified tastes that are creeping up. Low-teen syndrome a girl in a sailor uniform and a tentacle-like object are entangled in these. That's a lie. It also incorporates the culture that has become popular overseas. Woodblock prints (including pornography), manga, and anime; a section of various genres has been laid out in an iconic fashion and this was made in homage to them; no, that's a lie. We must not forget the HENTAI either. That is an influential factor overseas; no it's a lie. Elements of it are quite true, but put in writing, well, it is a lie. Basically, I have collected various motifs of momentary ecstasy and chaos and mixed them all in together. People who become obsessed with ecstasy, people who admire this; it is the diversity of this community, over a variety of genres, that is one of the national strengths of Japan. That is a lie. The girl's eyes were drawn in homage to woodblock prints. That is the truth.
chuuou_higashiguchi seifuku sword

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