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arizuka_shiina arizuki_shiina ass bikini cameltoe dress feet himuro_yuuki key kud_wafter little_busters! loli na-ga noumi_kudryavka school_swimsuit screening summer_dress swimsuits underboob

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Uhhhh you expect us to delete this for that reason?
WtfCakes said:
Uhhhh you expect us to delete this for that reason?
it doesnt have enough lolis, i supose
Or maybe he's...embarrassed?
He/she also flagged its other upload post #219175.

But really, you need to have a valid reason to flag for something. Personal matters? Come on.
AZD-A9S said:
Or maybe he's...embarrassed?
the shortage of lolis its a real problem
Isn't this just a duplicate? What's the difference between the two images?
It was deleted before, I just undeleted. No clear reason was given.

We can delete this one and keep the Anonymous one active.
Who deleted it? If it's not the uploader himself, let's just keep this one because it's earlier than anonymous one.