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Akiiro yugi (Autumn Games)


Tempted outside by the clear blue autumnal skies, our eyes are filled with bright colors. However, I aimed to create an illustration imbued with a cuteness that will evoke feelings of nostalgia. The contrast of the crimson accentuates the Japanese aspect of the scenery, and this becomes more prominent as autumn progresses. I have added a relaxed, young woman to the colorful beauty of the scenery. The appeal created through the combination of these images is also typical of Japan.
When drawing this illustration, I wanted to create something that would make a strong impression, so I used a shallow depth of field to put the background out of focus. This technique limits the field of view, but serves to focus attention on the main subject, differentiating between it and the background. Recently I have found I enjoy using this method more and more.
kantoku kimono

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