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The Pillow Book
The Pillow Book

日本で最も古く有名なエッセイに、清少納言の「枕草子(The Pillow Book)」があります。その第一段には、日本の四季の美しさが描かれています。春はあけぼの、といった言葉の音も、日本語独特のクールなリズムです。この4人の少女たちは、最も「をかし」とされる、春の雲棚引く朝焼け、夏の蛍舞う夜、秋の雁飛ぶ夕焼け、冬の雪降る朝を描いたものです。

Among the oldest and most famous essays in the Japanese language is Sei Shonagon’s ‘The Pillow Book’. In the first section it describes the beauty of Japan’s four seasons. It states that akebono (dawn) is the most attractive hour in spring, the sound of the word akebono expressing the unique rhythms of the Japanese language. The four girls in this picture symbolize the most attractive aspects of each season: the sun rising through a band of cloud in spring, the dancing fireflies at night in summer, the wild geese flying through the sunset in autumn and the falling snow on a winter morning.
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