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asuna_(sword_art_online) naked nipples photoshop pointy_ears pussy sword_art_online uncensored wet wings

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looks like a recolored Asuna from SAO
I'm pretty sure that this is a photoshopped version of an official pic where she's wearing the dress that she has in the second half of the first season. Certainly, there's a picture similar to this in the second OP, but I can't find the original for this pic online at the moment (including here). If I had to guess, I'd guess that it was on one of the postcards that came with the Blu-rays, but mine are packed away at the moment, so I can't check them.

Still, it's clearly Asuna, and it's clearly a photoshop. A similar pic is post #348108, but that one looks like it's probably that artist's attempt at redrawing the official pic that this comes from.