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I wonder what that yellow stuff on her leg is.
Is it supposed to be here or is it some kinds of artifact?
The yellowish/white is suppose to be there, since that is where the light would be. But looks like the the color got smudged or something else.
It's the shadow of her dress that makes it look like that.
It does look strange though. The area of lightening should be an circular area shape, but there's a few little streaks where it seems like someone smudged that area.
It's not strange at all, it's a slightly different shade because of the shadow of her skirt.

Somewhat crude but it illustrates my point:

If it is the shade of the dress, then it must be nanao's work.
The shade does look weird to me. I wonder where the light source will be in order to generate this kind of shade.

Thanks for answering my question anyway.
dunno, but i'll accept that for now.