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animal_ears crease halloween misaki_kurehito nekomimi seifuku tail

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An original, not a duplicate...
Unless I'm missing something the only difference between the two are the creases on the child dupe, and the signature?
Yes, someone photoshopped the creases out of this image (and the artist's name, which I'm a little less thrilled about, but I'm not sure if that text was in the original or not). We've never tagged images that have been fixed as duplicate...
I could almost disagree with you about keeping this, but comparing the images side by side do make me worry about the 'shopping work.

Don't forget that the the duplicate tag doesn't automatically mean deletion. I do try to spend some time at the weekend comparing the scans.
I take the duplicate tag as a queue of images to be reviewed, and we either delete it or remove the duplicate tag (removing it from the queue).
I thought this was Card Captor Sakura, lol ^^ (at first glance)