subpar artwork

Posts can be deleted due to "subpar artwork". A post is considered subpar by a mod's discretion. In general, the reasons for a post to be considered subpar can be:

  • Technical.- Obvious flaws in tracing, line art and/or coloring.
  • Anatomical.- Body proportions and anatomical perspective.
  • Taste.- An illustration could not show apparent flaws but the style could be deemed amateurish or the coloring could look "cheap". Lack of detail and carefulness.
  • Off-topic.- The illustration thematic or art style could not belong to the site standards.
  • Tracing.- Sometimes artists copy each other. This is not allowed.
As noted, the decision of deletion by a mod is a combination of objective and subjective factors. The extensive time invested in curating anime images is what distinguish a mod from a casual user but don't let that stop you from protesting when you think a image REALLY deserves to be here but was deleted.

Be careful not to delete images that were deliberately drawn in a sub-par or distorted fashion by well-known artists. Objectively, you should be identify this as they are typically part of a pool rather than individual digital uploads.

If sub-par work is identified in multiple images from the same artist, then review whether to purge this artists work from the site. Make sure to get a second opinion before proceeding.
Updated by blooregardo 6 months ago