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Jun 21 2013, 23:03 WtfCakes note 末弥純 suemi jun 鎮守の杜: body changed from 末弥純 suemi jun 鎮守の杜 to 末弥純 SUEMI.Jun 鎮守の杜 Chinju no mori (The Holy Forest) 現世と幽世の端境、そこは神域o神が棲む場所。巫女さえも履き物を脱ぎ素足でしか立ち入れない。深い深い巨木の森が、その聖域を守つている。 景というテーマでしたので、日本らしい緑豊かな森をモチーフにしました。 The borderline between this world and the afterlife is the realm of the gods. It is where the gods dwell. It is a place where even the shrine maidens remove their shoes to enter and walk barefoot. A deep forest of ancient trees protects this sacred ground. The theme for this exhibition was a ‘Japanese scene’ so I used the typically Japanese motif of a green forest.
Jun 11 2013, 08:36 note 末弥純 suemi jun 鎮守の杜: body: 末弥純 suemi jun 鎮守の杜, height:150, width:150, x:238, y:283
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