Date 18:44 User StarNorth Rating Explicit Score 28
You could cook something under those sheets with all that steam going on there
Date 12:10 User BattlequeenYume Rating Safe Score 21
Date 10:02 User hiroimo2 Rating Explicit Score 24
The quality, really there are no standards today.
It's called low budget shows :\
Date Jun 9 User drop Rating Safe Score 8
Too many "IKA" out there, no ideas which one drew this.
What a piece of...worthless series.
What a masterpiece of series
It's literally trash, a once male otaku orientated series is now 100% for women and casuals, and anti-lolicon to boot.
It is a shame, for its OG fanbase.
lol what's the even the point of this "Swimsuit" when she is 99% naked
Notice the hole punched in the 286 Lose screen.
Date Jun 8 User BattlequeenYume Rating Questionable Score 2
Tags tagme
Have "AI" tag on pixiv, as well as a few other works of this author

Ai-assisted I assume
Date Jun 7 User Abraxas Rating Questionable Score 17
is cameltoe really a q tag anymore given how popular leggings are these days irl?
hivemoderation says 99.9% stablediffusion, other artist's images on pixiv are marked as ai-generated