Date Jul 3 User hiroimo2 Rating Questionable Score 43
What's that gray stripe
Is this actually official art for DxD?
Date Jul 3 User drop Rating Safe Score 5
In July 2022, Kanade believes she is Athena in the Parthenon.
slime sea goblin cat shark.
Date Sep 18, 2021 User Mr_GT Rating Questionable Score 21
Would anyone agree it's bad enough to flag for deletion?
The other post by the same artist too (post #936292).

The legs are so horrible.
Nope, they are totally fine.
In a worst case scenario, I'll be not fine with them on my own then.
I think the problem with this picture is that her crotch is shifted to her left side (right as seen from here).
She must have broken her hip bone.
i think thats intended to be the lower thigh, not her crotch. and that she is supposed to be holding her knee to obscure los of the viewer.
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Date Jul 3 User Dreista Rating Safe Score 21
Marona762 said:
Beautiful scenery ~
Not sure if there's any real life location used as reference.
Date Jul 3 User hiroimo2 Rating Questionable Score 46
That's some industrial-grade mommy milkers @_@