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Date Aug 4 User blooregardo Rating Safe Score 36
I wonder how comes Shimotsuki Haruka always gets Tiv to draw her album covers
Date 22:15 User akagiss Rating Questionable Score 13
this show is hilarous as fo
Date 22:34 User Mr_GT Rating Questionable Score 14
Date Jul 21 User Mr_GT Rating Safe Score 110 Hidden 10
Well this is awkward, but for a different reason. I'm kinda amazed & disturbed by how people can instantly deduced that a certain image is a trace or has some form of plagiarism on it and have even the exact "original" picture on hand to prove your point. I wouldn't have known it was a copy of some sort without seeing the original image first.
darn all those things that look like other things.
It's close enough that it seems quite plausible that it was indeed based on that to-love-ru image. Well, if the artist cares enough, I'm sure he'll learn sooner or later how much more he needs to deform the original to be safe.
Also the background and basically everything else but the foot is a copy from this picture: http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2009-01-24-138921.jpeg
Date Aug 9, 2010 User draxdrilox Rating Safe Score 70
Now this is a nice update ;3
Inoue looks more mature in this pic, I think it looks quite nice.
I agree. Some class suites her well.
Kiocchin said:
Now this is a nice update ;3
Date Aug 4 User Mr_GT Rating Safe Score 15
Date Aug 3 User Radioactive Rating Safe Score 44
Kirasor said:
i dont see it
Jokes too meta for this site.
Date May 31, 2009 User hecfa Rating Questionable Score 23
As I'm going from the last page and advancing, I'm seeing a lot of the same stuff.

I hope you guys [Mods] don't mind me parenting/child the similar stuff together.
They might not be in order but at least you'll know some are maybe duplicates, resizes or parts of another post.

I'll try my best but I may not get them all since a few don't show up for me for some reason...

Radioactive said:
If you do that please add the duplicate tag to the child scan.
If you do that please add the duplicate tag to the child scan.