Date Apr 15 User kiyoe Rating Questionable Score 103
Date Feb 3 User Mr_GT Rating Safe Score 58
this looks like a silent hill nightmare monster
Date Mar 30 User Mr_GT Rating Questionable Score 42
Date May 23, 2013 User Anonymous Rating Safe Score 11
Several in this pool that aren't artist tagged, but the styles seem familiar. This for example is tagged 'mitha' on danbooru, except the source there is tagged this image so might be wrong? I'm not expert enough to tag these.

While their styles are similar, It's not hard to tell who is drawn by who if you're familiar with moonstone.

tsukimura_miki is by mitha, for example.
Date Apr 20 User RyuZU Rating Safe Score 11
Looks like she has a pair of frog's feet.
Date Apr 13 User BattlequeenYume Rating Questionable Score 141
according to the post 535577, she might be rikka
lakitu64 said:
according to the post 535577, she might be rikka
Completely wrong, as:
- Artist claims it's an original character
- Style of school uniform is different from Rikka's
タユタマ2 泉戸こはく 抱き枕カバー C92ほかアニメ.珍稀

raw scan only 其他沒修正,沒除摺痕和雜點

Date Feb 25 User Twinsenzw Rating Questionable Score 117 Hidden 2
请问这个图是在哪里找到的 请教教我
Randomuser said:
Explicit avatars are forbidden, buddy.
Please change your avatar
Okay, I see.
weimo1997 said:
请问这个图是在哪里找到的 请教教我
日本知名成年漫画杂志《Comic AUN》的杂志封面,每一期都由深崎暮人老师绘制。
weimo1997 said:
请问这个图是在哪里找到的 请教教我
不飞小哥 said:
我已经在上面说了这是成年漫画杂志《Comic AUN》的杂志封面。不要刷无意义评论哟