Date Sep 22 User Twinsenzw Rating Questionable Score 70
SinkSankSunk said:
Hand. Makes no sense.
Sink, no explicit avatars
Date 04:04 User chenyukang Rating Questionable Score 0
Do NOT add your own name as the source and/or the artist if you didn't draw the picture.

And we won't accept user-created artworks here anyways.
Date Dec 27, 2007 User Onpu Rating Safe Score 17
Holy moly... I have no words for this picture.
Omg kotomi looks so cute yet gothic love it
I think this pool and "To Love-Ru" Series 10th Anniversary Book Chronicle" needs to be locked, some mod please look the history of both
Date Jul 18 User kiyoe Rating Explicit Score 52
Date Sep 22 User moonian Rating Safe Score 12
A roll-up of ALL of the previous titles in the series.

Also a new "D.C. 4" to be released:
Date Jul 1 User hiroimo2 Rating Safe Score 56
Date Jul 1 User BattlequeenYume Rating Questionable Score 83