Date Oct 14 User Mr_GT Rating Safe Score 0
Tags ekta weapon
what happened to the pixiv link?
did the artist delete it right after the post?
The artist deleted it and re-posted it with some edits: Pixiv is a bit silly and doesn't let you modify posts unless you have a paid account, so that happens a lot.
moonian said:
kanonmoon said:
這個是用waifu2x之類的放大了吧..畫面細節有點模糊 有原圖嗎?
k25c2yf said:
moonian said:
只是好奇問一下 moonian是管理員?
MOD的話個人資料會有"Level Mod"
kanonmoon said:
只是好奇問一下 moonian是管理員?
Date Oct 17 User saemonnokami Rating Questionable Score 15
where did that bench come from?!
Date Oct 16 User Banbinh Rating Explicit Score 34
Date Oct 15 User petopeto Rating Questionable Score 11
Glad to see you are still around, petopeto
Been around, just off in other things. Wanted to throw this stuff up since the artist just abruptly erased himself from the internet (girlfriend discovered his hobby? who knows) and I seem to have the only copy of most of these. They're too neat to let them disappear forever.

Unfortunately I only saved the ones I had bookmarked. Hopefully he resurfaces some day.
Damnit, just when I thought to ask for a commission he vanishes without a trace. pixiv gone, deviantart gone... did he have twitter? probably gone too... what the heck...?!
Not the kind of artwork I enjoy, but well worth saving.
Can it be that he's been hired for some professional work?
Some artists delete their older stuff when that happens.
Date Oct 11 User saemonnokami Rating Safe Score 6
...what the hell is that.
Marona762 said:
...what the hell is that.
Figther plane for girls? (implied from the title's name)
But that's completely unrealistic and...never mind.
because fuck camuflage
Marona762 said:
...what the hell is that.
its a Dassault Rafale or a Saab Gripen
Dem trap almost got me.... That was close!
Date Sep 15, 2017 User Mr_GT Rating Explicit Score 94
There should be a tag for choking so I can block it and not have to see this shit.
Could be extreme content, not sure.
It's definitely not among the tamer niches.
Didn't take much for me to guess the artist.
Date Sep 18 User kiyoe Rating Questionable Score 6
That's a real micro-head.