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So she has two right feet?
Stevopb said:
So she has two right feet?
Or swapped feet - artist probably forgot they're drawing crossed legs.
I mentioned it in the Pixiv comments and they fixed it. Good thing too because this would have been a real waste.
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sym455: “male” tag is for pictures with only boys/men, not for pictures where there is boys and girls.
wait a minute, hold on... who the hell are these people??? I recognize Raphtalia and Naofumi, but who are the other people????
i would say the other heroes(there are 7 or 8) or just new ppl that he meets later and joins his party.
Images like this are allowed? because that background is a real photo, the same happen with these two post #533720 post #533868
I don't understand your argument why they need to be deleted?
I'm not saying they should be deleted, I just ask if it's ok upload a drawing with a photo as background like those three
Plenty of others which have worse backgrounds. Some of the linked uploads are sub-par quality, though, and need deleting.
that's itsuki not miku.
It's Nino, actually. But thanks for pointing that out.
the left tigh is smaller and the right color changed.(on jeanne alter)
Date Apr 15 User saemonnokami Rating Safe Score 66
nice_try (<- I forgot this exists)

It fails when you get down to the feet.
Date Apr 15 User luseple2 Rating Questionable Score 29
A reminder to to the uploader to use the hold metatag.
Radioactive said:
A reminder to to the uploader to use the hold metatag.
mspy said:
We need a tag for these types of line-ups.
Plastic butts and jeans? Poor use of reflections.
The longer i look at this drawing, the more things i notice i like about it.