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misaki kurehito is a good painter (y)
unless im mistaken it looks like Konekos skirt is pulled into her pussy and you can see the outline of her lips
It really looks like that, but my guess would be just awkward shadowing work.
no i think i might be right every one on 4chan and reddit both are saying that its an ecchi illustration of koneko for this cover so i think that might actually be her pussy which is possible cause if you you go through the books both akeno"s and asia"s are shown in illustrations
Yeah, but how do I say, Koneko is far from being the sales point of the series.
Date Jan 16 User Mr_GT Rating Safe Score 32
Deleted preview 
Date Jan 15 User kiyoe Rating Safe Score 13
Is the source from weibo?
RyuZU said:
possibly upscaled?
I have tried to find the source whose size is like this one and I also tried to upsacle the image from the source of NETFLIX by using waifu2x, but failed.
Date Jan 12 User kiyoe Rating Questionable Score 77
does she really say that?
blooregardo said:
does she really say that?
She just said "do (something)", but didn't mention what that "something" was, hence the brackets. (May have to read the light novel itself first in order to confirm the actual context here)
Seems like a wild guess but okay.
Date Jan 8 User drop Rating Safe Score 14
Photoshop (e.g. removal of "mists"), or a real R18 light novel??
Date Jan 15 User Twinsenzw Rating Questionable Score 111
this is new H game ?? :3
Raymondacg898 said:
this is new H game ?? :3
Yup - to be released in March: http://www.miragesoft.jp/product/koiflag/
Date Jan 14 User drop Rating Safe Score 15 Hidden 4
NotRadioactiveHonest said:
It's really, really, good.
I keep hearing this. I wasn't planning to watch it originally..... but there's too much buzz around it to ignore now.
Just watched first episode.....

What the fuck did i just watched....

kaminoryu said:
It's one of those thing that is that bad that is actually really good
That fits pretty well, yet still i don't know it's so weird.

It's kinda funny and akward and weird....
But i don't get all the reference cause i hate memes and co.... (I'm too old for that shit)
It's memes coupled along easy to catch references.
I think that kind of comedy is horrible, but some people like it anyways.
Unwatchable for me, 4 minutes and i decided not continue watching this
I first thought there was a problem with it as the episodes seem to end half-way through. They repeat it with some changes...
NotRadioactiveHonest said:
I first thought there was a problem with it as the episodes seem to end half-way through. They repeat it with some changes...
It's apparently a setup for some reference/gag. I already forgot somehow....