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It's very difficult to pour tea to such a tiny cup.
Date May 23 User Mr_GT Rating Safe Score 55
Tags k ryo seifuku
Date May 23 User Hatsukoi Rating Explicit Score 94
I don't dislike such boobs.
Don't be confused this, kokura asahi (tsuki ni yorisou otome no sahou 2) (小倉朝, from tsuki_ni_yorisou_otome_no_sahou_2 and its subsequent FDs), with "her" father, kokura asahi (小倉朝, from tsuki_ni_yorisou_otome_no_sahou and its subsequent FDs), and so they should NOT be tagged with the same "kokura asahi" tag, even though both names carry the same pronunciation, as they are not the same person.

I've also reverted the same incorrect edits done to other images.
The blonde is identical to Erena Mochizuki (GF Beta). xD
I know H-logic is almost always off, but:

2 dicks in 1 hole? Now that's one crazy sorcery
Very common in live action porn though.
I like it tho. The cute Yoshino lookes kinda badass. Nice
She's Yoshino inverted.
Date May 25 User Recksio Rating Safe Score 30
Is this lamia from monster girl encyclopedia?
Date Sep 30, 2012 User Radioactive Rating Questionable Score 66
Deleted preview 
Ohfuck, I need to FAP at this ASAP.