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Date 14:45 User Twinsenzw Rating Safe Score 2
i dont understand how can safe image be all taggd as questionable -.- its not hard to make different from safe, questionable and explicit images
It was the default setting, so go fix them if you have time.
Are half-elves eligible for elf?
Date 15:24 User Twinsenzw Rating Questionable Score 6
Date 15:16 User Twinsenzw Rating Safe Score 7
for the love of dear god tag all the artists on this pool please thank you so much.
(sorry for being overly anxious about it i see it has been posted just an hour ago)
Date May 25 User Mr_GT Rating Questionable Score 52
whoa.. deja vu... this is almost a straight up exact copy of a pic with Chocola from Nekopara.. or is that one a copy of this one...
dont care. more cg ass provided. besides, if every pic was banned for being a possible trace, even nekopara pics would be banned.
and by cg, i mean cat girl.

anyway, i dont remember nekopara doin anything with such an amusing facial expression.
Never said it should be banned, just that its a pretty straight copy.
Where did this come from? Was there some sort of special release with an alternate cover, or is this an elaborate photoshop? post #301812 is in the same boat, and neither of them really looks like they were photoshopped other than the fact that the images are obviously alternate versions of the normal covers. Certainly, if they're photoshops, they're impressive photoshops. But if they're not photoshops, then I have no idea where they came from.
Yeah, they are alternate covers (Tokuten) when you purchasing them from certain stores. If you go Yahoo Auction you can see batch of them: http://auctions.search.yahoo.co.jp/search/%E6%96%B0%E5%A6%B9%E9%AD%94%E7%8E%8B%E3%81%AE%E5%A5%91%E7%B4%84%E8%80%85+%E3%83%96%E3%83%83%E3%82%AF%E3%82%AB%E3%83%90%E3%83%BC/0/

There are actually more than one special cover from each volume. For example this is another one for vol. 4: http://page15.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t454910814
Well, that would make it kind of hard to get the alternate covers unless you happened to know that that's what they were doing ahead of time - though I guess that once you found out they were doing that and which stores were doing it, you could at least watch out for the future volumes. I always have mixed feelings about extras like this though, since they're cool, but it always sucks when they're hard to get, which they usually are. :|

In any case, thanks for the info.
Why couldn't Einhart be a boy? It would be nice to have SOME variety in rival characters for this franchise instead of copy and pasting nanoha, fate, and her two friends personalities.
It would have been horrible, and you should feel horrible.
It wouldn't be horrible! It would be different for once but after all this show was done with no concept of reality whatsoever like most Otaku trite is. Instead of the creator going out and speaking to real children he just saw a bunch of moe manufacturer types gave them magical powers and said ok pff. Wonder why shows like sailor moon, corrector yui, Saint tail, and pretear are treasured to this day? There was effort put into them and the characters were memorable based on their personalities and how they dealt with every day life. Who's going to remember nanoha 10 years from now? Nobody why? Because she has the personality of a brick wall and this franchise always has to backtrack to nanoha and fate's "relationship". Who are her family and friends again don't know none of the shows explore those relationships. Kind of sad when the only thing memorable about the main character is the powers and not who she is as a person.
For one, she is already being remembered more than your favorite characters (more than a decade now), and second: a male character wouldn't fucking help the situation, you uncultured or uneducated idiot.
Not everyone needs to see a dick to like a series, or a male to self insert into.
Listen the unspoken or whatever like Miyazaki said nobody can move forward with something without watching or researching how REALITY works how real people actually talk and communicate with each other. Do you see Miyazaki being a people pleaser with his stories? Do see him going "well for my spirited away movie I'm going to have my main kid character chih iro have a romance with another girl character despite her being a girl herself for no reason because I always owe my fans anything". No he did the story HIS way not the way someone else told him to. That's why his stories are loved so much they despite sometimes having a fantastical edge has a realism about them that can be appreciated by anyone. The industry isn't going to get realism if it keeps catering to people who have no affiliation to the outside world and only want to see what they want.
A male character still wouldn't help making it more real, it would only alienate its fanbase, and this is not a Miyazaki movie, which also wouldn't be popular in anime format with your average anime budget (it has been tried before), so stop trying to force your own taste to ruin the series for its fans.
Date May 23 User mattiasc02 Rating Explicit Score 19 Hidden 3
what the hell?
I have several questions...
This reminds me of the old cartoon network show "cow and chicken", you know when they were always eating butts...
hahaha,,,ha,,,,,,,ha ,,,,ok.........
Date 01:31 User Mr_GT Rating Questionable Score 50
I think author re-saved it as jpg for smaller size.
The png version looks suspicious: it's almost same as jpeg version (in terms of jpeg artifacts) and only has slightly less noise around the edges.

And the url for the jpeg version matches with the date on pixiv (2016/05/26/03/49/31/) so I tend to believe the author didn't re-upload it.
Date Jun 20, 2012 User blooregardo Rating Explicit Score 94 Hidden 19
Nothing violent is happening, he's being super gentle and just using the tip. Like I did the time I dated an anorexic woman.
BeWolfForBear said:
Nothing violent is happening, he's being super gentle and just using the tip. Like I did the time I dated an anorexic woman.
Just stop please.
Radioactive said:
Just stop please.
That comment was so uncalled for.
So whether the author has a daughter or not? :D
TheUnspoken said:
That comment was so uncalled for.
No, his comment was uncalled for. He was getting pretty creepy.
No, it wasn't getting creepy. Your comment was just plain arrogant jerk though, especially since this isn't live-talk, and he already finished his comment.