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For some reason they decided to place these high-res PNG images (for the game package covers and tapestries) in their official site.

Good for us, though :P
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the source actually is itunes afaik. http://is3.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Music117/v4/f4/64/80/f46480da-eac8-4978-cebe-9637d8c82402/source/100000x100000-999.jpg If you change it to png it's even a little better quality. I don't know how to just get the original
You're right, but it's upscaled to begin with
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Uber-upscaled version, or...??
Flagged for deletion. Use can seeing aliasing and JPEG artefacts.
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why is there no thumbnail?
Fixed one of the char's spelling according to the official site.

Also added the third artist listed in the same site for now until further info released claims otherwise.
Hmm, I must be brain farted for a moment to misspelled her name.
But please don't add 夕凪セシナ in there, this artist had nothing to do with this 4 main heroine.
You can tell that from that from their style, it's not that hard to distinguish them.
Date Feb 29, 2016 User Mr_GT Rating Questionable Score 118
Who is the character?
A_Dare said:
Who is the character?
Original, according to the source.
Date Jul 15, 2016 User Mr_GT Rating Questionable Score 189
Until you can prove this is really cum, it’s not.