wait, does nagato has tails? i've never seen her with tails
Osvaldo_Takasaki said:
wait, does nagato has tails? i've never seen her with tails
One of her skins "Guardian Fox's Shining Furisode" shows that she has tails. See here
are they fake? i mean, like replaceable
They are real, at least i think so.
The ears and tails of the Sakura Empire shipgirls can be shown and hidden freely. And this can be confirmed by the animation of Shinano's skin "Dreams of the Hazy Moon" in the dorm.
i didnt know that. ty for info
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I will now watch your anime.
I'm surprised there's nipples in a Nyantype issue of all things.

Megami RX, sure. But Nyantype?
That an old one finally properly scanned. Until 29 there was only a botched photo of this poster with many creases and clipped highlights from flash, which was deleted from here, I was thinking to shape it up a bit. Finally an almost ideal scan, jpeg 87 though with some dark spots. Oddly late for such successful series. Many many grand illustrations are still not properly scanned.
Some references if anyone interested
bin . snopyta . org/?31a1160756159126#GdDQ5Z5m3eBCvRDJPkgTy1deMRWh5Vj4R7uhCmecmqyt
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The hand of the girl on the left is… strange. And her legs are not even. AI assisted?
Nah, see post #1023526, quite claw-like hands.
There's something I've been meaning to ask you.Why are most of your contributions marked "This post has been temporarily held from the index by the poster."
It's for tagging and not flooding the index.
You can see them with the tag holds:true
Ehh..How can I find these posts?Most of them are hidden.
Just search for holds:true
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Doesn't this count as wardrobe_malfunction?