Date Jun 10 User moonian Rating Safe Score 11
Source for artist of the image:
嶋田和晃 描き下ろしスーパーティザービジュアル
Revision: head postition, legs, feet.
I see a "46" there..., is it her age?
Those are the swollen feet of a middle aged woman anyway hahaha
blooregardo said:
I see a "46" there..., is it her age?
It's not her age.
アニメージュ46周年=Animage 46th anniversary.
Animage is a magazine.
Date Jun 9 User wq15987654 Rating Questionable Score 27
That defiant look. 10/10
Date Jun 9 User drop Rating Safe Score 8
Not sure if this "Haruki" is "はるき", who is one of the illustartors of the anime:
post #1176668為其原始版本
Date Jun 8 User SenjounoValkyria Rating Questionable Score 1
Digital image from "frankmelody" is upscaled - look at the lines of the girl's left hand when viewing the original PNG file.
If you are going to add the Amagi tag, should add Shinano tag...