Its mb strange, but i prefer the censored version)
Anyway, thanks for fixing! Will hope for other pics from this artbook.
I don't "prefer" but I just don't like 3rd party modification in general.
Thank you everyone for your opinions! It seems that there is demand, so I will continue them.
thanks for fixing and uncensoring
thanks for fixing and uncensoring
Date Aug 13, 2018 User nphuongsun93 Rating Questionable Score 95
A cat that actually looks like a cat.
I'm... shocked.
Date Jan 15 User kiyoe Rating Safe Score 1
Tags tagme
I decided to not upload these due to JPG artifacts. Please tag appropriately.
its the misaka clones i think.
Date Jan 13 User drop Rating Questionable Score 37
I'm sure I will not like this anime but I'll see for now.
SeeThrough said:
I hope you get banned for that.
Edited, don't do that again and learn hwo to spoiler stuff
They should have been banned.
I wanted to spoiler but don't know the command. You could've deleted the comment if its that offensive. and I don't give a crap about what you think Radioactive. That's why I said spoiler at the start and end. Damn it!
Date Jan 13 User BattlequeenYume Rating Safe Score 48
eyes are up here champ....
kaminoryu said:
eyes are up here champ....
Nicely done...
Date Jan 14 User Misusage Rating Questionable Score 0
Do NOT add your own name as an artist to the image - you are only its photoshopper, not the original illustrator.
Date Jan 14 User tanda Rating Safe Score 19
Quality isn't great, but please pool these.
They were scanned in 1200dpi, and descreened using Neat Image and Sattva. Then downscaled to a more usable size. The scans themselves can't get much better.
The texture on the page you're seeing is actually on the image itself.
Here's a digital version of one the pages the artist posted on twitter.
Date Dec 26, 2018 User Twinsenzw Rating Questionable Score 38
I don't get it.... why would they censored this scan and not the rest of the book?
What are the source of these? They look really odd. Almost as if run through heavy processing.