Date Jul 16 User Spidey Rating Questionable Score 23
Date Nov 5, 2012 User arkehs Rating Explicit Score 216
....and then cums the best part.
Date Jul 14 User drop Rating Questionable Score 56 Hidden 1
You're being vague again. What, objectively, is boring about this?
That his detail-less faces always end up being similar, and he repeats the same poses over and over again, without any life to them.
The only person who suffers worse from having boring art is Kantoku.
I do kind of agree. He should be a bit more adventurous with his artwork.
He puts most effort in clothing imo.
That's why I've always liked him. The clothing designs are cute and I'm a sucker for that.
Cute clothing is the most important thing for loli girls.
Try it. Most girls like it.
Date Oct 5, 2012 User Mr_GT Rating Explicit Score 70
It's a game she wanted to play.
Date Nov 19, 2012 User agata Rating Explicit Score 173
It's Mariana Trench out there...
breasts are perfect, this would be great if it was more intimate, like a masturbation scene instead of a penatration, perhaps with a more pleasure and less painful facial expression!
I like it just as it is.
It's so nice to have a special someone.
Date Jan 29, 2012 User nophone Rating Explicit Score 105
What is it about this position that I find so interesting that I keep cuming back again & again?
Date May 13, 2012 User blooregardo Rating Explicit Score 145
Those youthful school days will never be forgotten.