Date Jan 30 User punixer Rating Explicit Score 16
Click on the Pixiv link and that's how they describe it.
I didn't even needed a source. The style and the eyes were obvious.
So Gin went from his usual great style for those weird 'windows' only for period of Bocchi pics, huh

Sad :c
Has now censored revisions.
Date Jan 30 User BattlequeenYume Rating Questionable Score 31
DAMN!! Lookit that ASS!!
Vegetables grow better in fertilised medium
Shota shikikkan luckiest shikikkan ....
Date Dec 30, 2022 User hiroimo2 Rating Questionable Score 140
Imagine how much it would hurt to run over your own tail with the chair wheel.
That seems very possible to happen.
chair wheels have evolved to see cables and string as their main pray. i suspect they would see tails like toes due to thickness and be likely to ignore them the same way.
Date Jan 30 User whoisthisaslan Rating Questionable Score 20
Date Mar 31, 2018 User drop Rating Safe Score 42
why the neck is so long.....
To encourage people to watch Euphonium movies, obviously.
"Alien species infiltrated Kitauji High! They are only slightly noticeable for their elongating necks and improbable light-refracting properties of adaptive camouflage garments."
Where are gone the realistic proportions brought by Naoko Yamada since K-on!??? o__O
I forgot how garbage takes can be on this site.