Elise, you are so freaking hot! Best girl <3
Date Jul 3 User Arsy Rating Safe Score 27
Date Jul 2, 2019 User kiyoe Rating Safe Score 18
are the white dots scanning dust or part of the picture? it seems like the white dots are in every one of these
Date Jul 2 User Dreista Rating Safe Score 18
Okay what the....?!?
Low budget Hogwarts. Students get rubber ducks for practice.
Genex said:
Low budget Hogwarts. Students get rubber ducks for practice.
And looks like wands aren't needed, which can save you a large amount of gold :D
Date Jul 2 User Mr_GT Rating Questionable Score 50
Technically got this higher res version from here. He linked this on his pixiv description
Konachan has a 1 600 × 900 version, but Dan/Gelbooru has a less aliased 1 920 × 1 080 version. Is this one an upscaled version?
This is an interesting situtaion. On the artist's pixiv, it's 1600x900, HOWEVER in the description, he links a google drive download of an 1920x1080 version. Idk whether THIS post is upscaled or not, but the fact that it is in PNG format is fishy, since the 1920x1080 one the artist linked in the description is a native jpg.

Edit: seems like ram's eye expression is alternate and this one. I'll post the google one and make this the child, but not delete this because it's like, an alternate version.
Date Jul 2 User Genex Rating Questionable Score 18
Looks like she's well prepared - as if the town is going to get badly flooded XD
Being that's her trademark outfit, she's always prepared. Other than that EU has done a stellar job on her rainy surroundings and the plastic bags.
Date Dec 13, 2016 User mash Rating Explicit Score 61