The panties is hardly covering her.
I'm more concerned about the size of this image.
Women backs are my fetish
Ha! That avatar (blooregardo) makes you devious (and funny at the same time) about it.
Date Oct 6 User Twinsenzw Rating Safe Score 50
Tags kimono rella
Nice work, but why it’s rated q?
Yanpya said:
Nice work, but why it’s rated q?
Q is the default rating. You can change it yourselves, by using the edit button. That is next to the Respond button, above the comment section.
Date Oct 16 User Radioactive Rating Safe Score 13
Tags aorkgk neko
Radioactive said:
Sorry, forgot to copy the twitter links. Will be here
The artist already uploaded the art to his/her pixiv account.
She has no pussy down there, so the censorship is pointless XD
Date Oct 17 User Radioactive Rating Questionable Score 24
No way, Ami is pretty flat, this is completely inaccurate.
Date Sep 28 User BattlequeenYume Rating Safe Score 36
Her tail looks to be broken...