damn to that censor :( argh!

*hoping for salvation*
Date Jan 21, 2012 User Radioactive Rating Explicit Score 9
That dick looks delicious uwu
Shading is fantastic, but that gumby spine is frightening
the anatomy is so fucked up
Date Jun 15 User Dreista Rating Safe Score 111
Date Oct 12, 2018 User Twinsenzw Rating Questionable Score 295
Color fixed by embedding an Adobe RGB ICC as it's supposed to be.
Date Jun 16 User fireattack Rating Safe Score 38
I hate this cover so much, not because of the meaning, but becasue Kumiko's badmates made her be the one to bring back Asuka. Anyway, bad memories.
Date Jun 16 User Mr_GT Rating Explicit Score 15
Hermes666 said:
what the fuck
I believe thats mint chocolate chip.
We're entering fetish levels that shouldn't be possible
She looks like slime icecream girl. Damn.