Date Nov 17 User Arsy Rating Questionable Score 38
Je suis fan... J'attends qu'elle enleve le short 😍😍
Bah, elle serait juste en maillot de bain, hein… Remarque, avec le mini (même micro)-short qu’elle a, ça ferait pas vraiment de différence. ^^
Date Aug 31, 2008 User Davison Rating Questionable Score 19

They are so very cute!^_^

They make such a lovely couple too!^_^
Well, spoiler, actually. Oh, I know that spoiler is not uncommon in modern Japanese visual culture, and I like that a bit myself (but only for 2D!!!), but still…

do we tag whatsiz face from that onegai muscle anime on the monitor?

which reminds me
Date Nov 28 User john.doe Rating Questionable Score 41
The pixiv version seems to have jpeg artifacts (or color distortion?) too, like on the top left wall and her thighhighs.
Did you checked your post? They are much worser then the Pixiv version. You can see that on the KB/MB size too.
Yep, but pixiv version is not perfect too.
Ironically, the best version seems like it's the monochrome version included.
Date Sep 27, 2008 User Radioactive Rating Questionable Score 22

They are so very cute!^_^

They make such a lovely couple too!^_^
Date Nov 28 User BattlequeenYume Rating Questionable Score 0
Will wait until the artist calm down. Will delete the unnecessary ones then.
Do they really think they have any chance with designs completely devoid of any appeal, be it sex appeal or just something unique?
CGDCG: Cute Girls Doing Cute Things.
You mean CGDCT.
And those are exactly the series that keep failing because of low effort put into them.
イラスト: かめろ
Not sure about the artist.
john.doe said:
イラスト: かめろ
Not sure about the artist.
This person, probably:
Date Nov 28 User Spidey Rating Questionable Score 56
The crossover tag requires not only the titles themselves, but also at least one character from each of (at least two of) those titles.