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I see a "46" there..., is it her age?
Those are the swollen feet of a middle aged woman anyway hahaha
blooregardo said:
I see a "46" there..., is it her age?
It's not her age.
アニメージュ46周年=Animage 46th anniversary.
Animage is a magazine.
Date Jun 9 User wq15987654 Rating Questionable Score 27
That defiant look. 10/10
Date Jun 9 User drop Rating Safe Score 8
Not sure if this "Haruki" is "はるき", who is one of the illustartors of the anime:
post #1176668為其原始版本
Date Jun 8 User SenjounoValkyria Rating Questionable Score 1
Digital image from "frankmelody" is upscaled - look at the lines of the girl's left hand when viewing the original PNG file.
If you are going to add the Amagi tag, should add Shinano tag...
That's not Mococo. That's Fuwawa (and Biboo in the background)...
I somehow missread, thanks...