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Date Jun 20 User moonian Rating Questionable Score 35
Not so much for this month's "twitter background" version, but anyways: https://www.game-style.jp/style/201806/1806background_wall_a.jpg
Date Jan 22, 2017 User RICO740 Rating Safe Score 56
It would be a great image, if not for the knee :/
Date Jun 19 User charunetra Rating Safe Score 12
So beautiful! I wish it was more wide-screen friendly tho, but aspect ratio aside, it really feels warm and peaceful...
Date Jun 19 User StardustKnight Rating Explicit Score 26
I'm glad that Fakku exists. The colors are wrong and the censorship is ridiculous.
(Cap (?) of) the intermission card of the recent episode
Date Jun 18 User saemonnokami Rating Safe Score 28
Why? She’s a kind person, despite her apparent cold behaviour…
Date Jun 15 User hiroimo2 Rating Questionable Score 62
wow! this is really pretty!