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May 31 2013, 05:58 WtfCakes note ぎん太 Ginta 登校日の帰り道 T...: body: ぎん太 Ginta 登校日の帰り道 Tokobi no kaerimichi (Returning Home After School) こんな遊びはしたことないですが、憧れです。 イメージは夏休み。午前で終わった登校日の帰リにちよっとだけ寄リ道のつもリが、本格的にずぶ濡れ。着替えないしおなか空いてきたレ…。でもなんか笑つちゃうね。という感じです。 一緒に遊んでる気分でみていただければ幸いです。 I have never played like this, but I wish I had. This is an image of the summer holidays. In Japan, the children have to attend school on special schooldays during the holiday. The girls shown here were let out at lunchtime and what had started out as a short diversion on the way home, ended up with them becoming soaking wet. They had nothing to change into and were hungry... Still they just laughed it off. That is the feeling I aimed for. I hope that when you see this you will feel that you have been playing with them., height:150, width:150, x:225, y:362
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