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May 31 2013, 06:24 WtfCakes note 中央東口 Chuuou Higashig...: body: 中央東口 Chuuou Higashiguchi スプリング! Spring! 四季というテ一マで、昔から一度やってみたかったテ一マがあります。新緑萌えいずる春の若々しく、外的圧力に弱さを持つ印象、それを急速な成長で埋め合わせていくパワー。部屋の外に毎春見えるそんな光景が印象に強く、春という季節は自分にとって黄色がかった葉の色のイメージです。 そんなわけで、冬から開放され弾けた瞬間を絵にしてみたい、と。おかげでかなリ健康的過ぎる絵になりました。なってしまいました……。 良いですよね若さの力。いやどんな形にへし折ってくれようかとかそういうのじゃなくて。葉を透かして見える陽光の所為もありますけど、眩しくて目を閉じてしまいます的なそんな感じ。 The theme for this exhibition is the four seasons and there is a subject that I had wanted to draw for a long time. That is the feeling of youth, of fresh greenery budding in spring, an impression of weakness to external pressure but with the power of rapid growth to overcome it. This is how I feel every spring when I look at the view outside my room; for me, the spring season is summed up by an image of pale new leaves. That is why I wanted to draw a picture of this moment of release from the restraint of winter but as a result, the picture looks rather too wholesome. It just turned out that way... Isn't the power of youth great? I do not mean for the way in which it can be forced into any shape you like. It may be the fault of the sunlight shining through leaves, but it feels so bright that I am forced to close my eyes., height:150, width:150, x:225, y:362
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