A swim suit... isn't this just a string!?
I see... Hey, am I going to be wearing THIS?!
I think he's just got a heart of an artistian?
and personality are far more important than a white swimsuit and sailor outfit.
Listen up, Rio. In order to look good, your appearance, figure,
I've concluded...
Do you have a change of clothes for me too?? I like these too, but if you do I wanna wear 'em!

Hey! Hey! Tomo!!
Mmm... In Tomo's case I wouldn't say carried away...
Geez... That damn Tomo... Isn't he getting a bit carried away?
male nagi_ayame nao_(otosuki) otokonoko_wa_meidofuku_ga_osuki!? rio_(otosuki) tomo_(otosuki) translated trap yuki_(otosuki)

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