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Dazzling the stage!
Galactic Pretty Boy!
The entire star-filled sky glitters over a southern island. A lone youth arrives at this island alongside
the softly breaking waves.
His name: Tsunashi Takuto—but his other name is the “Galactic Pretty Boy.” The appearance of this youth with a large scar on his chest will end up shaking the fate of this island, no, the world...

Director Igarashi Takuya, known for his work on “Soul Eater,” head writer Enokido Yoji, who spun the first-rate tale of adolescent boys and girls, “Revolutionary Girl Utena,” and also for the action,
established animation studio BONES is collaborating on this much-discussed fall series. The curtain on the “educational institution robot action series,” filled with mystery and intrigue, the surreal and radiant, opens here.
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