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why do 1 year old posts reappear in the newer section of the imagesearch?
Maybe it was kept out of the index until now?

But I want to give a hug to Primula too! é__è
and then because they were hidden out of the index they now appear with the brand-new images?

Well I'm just wondering why this happens. Not that I care. Kaede is up until now my Number-One Yande.re. A perfect wife indeed.
The posts were held when they were uploaded. When the hold is removed, they appear in the index as new.
We have a lot on hold, talec :P
And If I downloaded the pool, did I download them too? Or do I have to redownloaded the pool every time because some images are unlocked now?
Held posts are only restricted from being seen from the index and I don't believe that affect their ability to be pooled. And if they are pooled they should be able to be downloaded

Do a quick check since i'm not entirely sure(as in look in your downloaded item and check for consistency). Though I was pretty sure that even held posts can be pooled and downloaded.
ok thanks. that makes sense. Should work that way, will check it the next time. I just don't want to cause unnessecary bandwith for yande.re.