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Is nekogoro really a circle and not an artist?
Well it's kinda complicated.

He used to use "nekogoro" as circle name and "Kichou" as pen name. Later he started to exchangeably use "nekogoro" as his pen name too (see: ).

He is definitely not the only one did so either

Kinda off-topic, but some artists don't seem to care about their "brand recognition", for the lack of a better word. It's not uncommon for them to have obscure name(s) on Twitter/Pixiv either (like this dude's Pixiv name is "まなK".. no way people can find it without help of 3rd-party databases).

If I were a professional illustrator I think I will unify them as soon as possible to increase my exposure.. but then again I guess they prefer to keep it as a hobby.