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Otohiko Takano

Yuki no hana (Snow Flower)


I have been living within the snaggletoothed concrete skyline of Tokyo for more than ten years now. Despite having become used to it, I cannot learn to like the chaotic scenery here.
I think that it is unusual for someone of my generation, but until I started primary school, I lived in an old farmhouse with a thatched roof. My memories of that time are a bit vague now, but I still recall the soft outline of the roof, and when the house was rebuilt with a tile roof, I think I was rather disappointed.
On the other hand, I think that Tokyo's scenery will also undergo a huge change over the course of the next few decades or centuries, with buildings made in shapes and of materials we cannot even imagine today. It gives me a slight feeling of superiority to think that when that happens, there might be people who feel nostalgia towards today’s unorganized concrete landscape.
The landscape continually changes. If the desolation people feel for what they have lost is the true form of ‘a Japanese landscape that surpasses time, then I think that is sad, although maybe it is for the best.
kimono takano_otohiko

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