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Fumitake Moekibara

Yuki no denwabokkusu (A Phone Box in the Snow)



The number of phone boxes has decreased dramatically in recent years.
I think that as mobile phones become the norm, phone boxes might disappear altogether. They already have retro air about them.
Even though it is only a phone box, to me it seems both useful and dependable.

The road home on a winter’s day. The sun soon sets and the surroundings fade into darkness. It is a country road so there are not many street lamps, on one stretch there are no lights at all and it becomes pitch dark. It is cold, there is nobody about and you begin to feel uneasy.
Suddenly, you see a light shining through the darkness and there it is.
Half buried in the snow, it seems to be waiting to welcome you home.
The light shining on a snowy road has a magical feel, it is both warm and gentle.
moekibara_fumitake pantyhose seifuku

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