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Gomisuteba no karasutachi (Crows on the Trash Heap)



When I came to draw an illustration on the theme for this exhibition, a ‘Japanese scene’, I could not make up my mind until the last minute whether to use a trash heap or a ‘maid’ smoking a cigarette as the main motif.
As somebody who generally eats bread or pasta, I think that with a few exceptions, when contemporary Japanese people wear kimono they do so merely as a form of cosplay.
For me, the concept of ‘Japanese’ or ‘Japan’ is completely irrelevant to my daily life, if I were to conform to the context of a ‘Japanese Scene’, the central motif would not be one of traditional Japan, rather it would focus on the ‘unscrupulousness’ and ‘cultural saturation’ that is crucially lacking in dignity, as personified by a person who visits a convenience store in the middle of night, wearing a sweat suit and carrying a Louis Vuitton purse.

I love that kind of Japan. It’s not beautiful but it is funny.
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