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Maihana haruzakura (Dancing Petals of Cherry Blossom in Spring)


Let me offer my heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of the 3rd ‘Eshi 100’ exhibition and say how delighted I am to have been invited to take part once more.
Looking from the outside at the scenery of the four seasons of Japan, I decided that I would use my favorite season, ‘spring’, and in particular 'cherry blossom', as my subject when I came to work on my illustration. Every year, as the weather warms up and the cherry blossom comes into bloom, I wander out to look at it, even though this is quite out of character for me. The sight of a single petal of cherry blossom, floating through an ordinary, daily scene, fills my heart with peace...that is how it feels.
kimono min-naraken

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