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Mukaebi no kamisama (Gods of the Welcome Fire)







In the afternoon of a midsummer’s day, the god of the welcome fire and his attendant are so hot that they cannot move, they are sick of the heat and cursing. They do not start work until the evening so this heat...

That is the general setting for this picture of ‘Festival of the Dead’.

Even people who know nothing about the custom, all recognize the cucumber and eggplants with four wooden legs made from chopsticks as being symbolic of this festival. Even the boy who boasts of having broken the bronze statue in front of the station and who is obviously a delinquent will not stamp on or kick these, he recognizes that there is something different about them that stops him.

If we look at children we see that sometimes they ‘suddenly start staring at something that cannot be seen, their eyes following it’ (the effect of this is even more powerful when two children do it simultaneously). Another similar phenomenon can be seen when dog will suddenly barks at something in a certain direction which is appears deserted. In this work I have combined these two elements to portray summer.

Is there ‘something’ that cannot be seen by grownups?

When you come across this kind of situation, it expands your imagination.
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