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Hisashi Senomoto

Betsuri - Shuttatsu - Hana no yuki (Parting - Setting Out - Petals Falling Like Snow)


I love spring, as it is the season that stands at a turning point in the lives of various people. I feel it is a time when dramas, large and small, occur in all kinds of places. In this year’s illustration I have portrayed a girl who has summoned up all the courage she possesses in her tiny body to set off on a trip. For the background I have used ‘Okoba’ station in Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture. When my mother left home to get a job, she traveled by steam train for half a day from Miyazaki to Kumamoto and this was the station where she paused for a rest. She says that the cherry blossom there made a strong impression on her.
pantyhose senomoto_hisashi

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