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Otohiko Takano

Haru ni naru yo (It Will Soon be Spring)


I am not pretending to be energy conscious, but for the last couple of years I have not used the air conditioning in either summer or winter. People say that recently they don’t really feel the seasons, but this is simply because they 'prevent themselves from feeling them’. In actual fact, summer is still extremely hot and winter mornings are cold enough to make you numb. It is very enjoyable to feel indignant about this heat or cold and it seems a waste to lose this opportunity.
The passing of the seasons is like scenery that is watched through the window of a train. There may be a sight you would like to look at more closely but the train will carry on regardless, maybe even to enter a tunnel. When that happens, the passengers still remain gazing blankly out of the window.
I believe that the true essence of the beauty of the four seasons lies in the way that they pass daily, never halting. It is when they actually change from one to the next, that is most interesting. If I had the choice I would like to have the time to watch these minute daily changes a little more closely.
pantyhose takano_otohiko

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