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Shoji haru (Repapering the Sliding Doors)


The theme this time is ‘The Four Seasons of Japan’; I like red so I immediately chose autumn, but next I asked myself what subject would make people think of Japan. That is when I noticed a dictionary of seasonal words for poetry. Looking inside there was an entry for ‘papering doors’, which is done in mid-autumn in preparation of the cold of winter. I do not remember, but it might well have been autumn when the sliding doors were repapered during my childhood. I used to like wetting the old paper with the shower. I also enjoyed diluting the glue with water and then applying a thin coat to the door with a brush. The custom of performing simple everyday tasks like this in preparation of the coming season, lets us appreciate the season we are currently enjoying. While drawing this picture, I realized that expressing the seasons is another way of expressing Japan. This year’s theme is really wonderful.
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