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yong nphuongsun93 about 2 months ago Thanks much!
Radioactive KazukiNanako about 2 months ago Because it has taught me and I have learned some tips and I hope learn more, still me.
Tora77 fireattack 2 months ago Blocked: rating vandalism
KazukiNanako fireattack 2 months ago Please be more selective for your posts.
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CuteBoYTM mash 3 months ago Troll user
Radioactive jateruy 3 months ago Go do some research on original box images before you do some fudging deletion or tagging, sucker. Buy the book and tear scan yourself, or else keep off.
MC_Kay Radioactive 3 months ago Blocked: Explicit avatar
七月 fireattack 3 months ago Please don't upload off-topic images.
charunetra Noxia 3 months ago Great uploads. I think a positive 1 is well deserved!
Masutaniyan fireattack 3 months ago Don't upload upscaled image.
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Code_Nemesis fireattack 3 months ago Please do not flood the comments.
tys Radioactive 3 months ago Blocked: Thanks for the mess.
ChristianDeadhead blooregardo 3 months ago Blocked: tag vandalism
KazukiNanako nphuongsun93 3 months ago <3
makiechang nphuongsun93 3 months ago Voted on... every image.
Mr_GT nphuongsun93 3 months ago <3
abcdefh nphuongsun93 3 months ago Much love.