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donicila 397210708 about 1 month ago 1
moonian Mr_GT about 1 month ago Would like to thanks you for being a damn good "tag gardener" on this site. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed.
Gaba3000 gibwar about 2 months ago Blocked: Creating private use pools.
808armada blooregardo about 2 months ago Blocked: Tag vandalism. Harassing users.
YamiChan 808armada about 2 months ago
808armada Zenex about 2 months ago Bad Tagger
natsudragnir110 gibwar 2 months ago Please rate posts rather than saying "wow"
Animextremist Radioactive 2 months ago Blocked: Explicit avatar & warned already
Animextremist gibwar 2 months ago Keep your avatar clean
shinratensei1602 blooregardo 2 months ago Blocked: Stop adding unnecesary tags. You have been warned before
shinratensei1602 fireattack 2 months ago Please don't add redundant general tags
bunnygirl223 Radioactive 3 months ago Please stop removing loli tags
Eggpain gibwar 3 months ago Stop flagging posts for "male only" or BL.
novang fireattack 3 months ago Don't remove posts from pool.
anthonyjr2012 Radioactive 3 months ago Blocked: Don't post sexual comments.
idididiidididididid Twinsenzw 3 months ago stop spamming the comments
rotofa blooregardo 3 months ago Blocked: spam bot
filtsponpens blooregardo 3 months ago Blocked: spam bot
cerppapa fireattack 3 months ago Blocked: Ad spam
Jimmey gibwar 3 months ago Blocked: Off topic comment spam