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User Reporter When Body Urecord Action
808armada blooregardo 2 months ago Blocked: Repeated vandalism
DarKNovA Radioactive 2 months ago Blocked: Trying to bypass ban
novalisk Radioactive 2 months ago Blocked: Troll account
Radioactive novalisk 2 months ago Poor moderation.
DarKNovA Radioactive 2 months ago Blocked: You've been warned before. Just stop trolling the comments section.
saimoon Lirsoas 2 months ago Mild vandalism. Rated a batch of clearly Questionable posts as Explicit.
sasuke59 gibwar 2 months ago Explicit or questionable avatars aren't allowed
Urmom Radioactive 2 months ago Explicit avatar
Mr_GT ichwanuel 2 months ago Nice ^^
Velociraptor fireattack 2 months ago Please do not upload upscaled or cropped images (dupes)
Masutaniyan yumimi 3 months ago Awesome posts, great quality.
youjo69 lee1238234 3 months ago Tag Spam
DDD AZD-A9S 3 months ago Awesome user for Dakimakuras.
ferkunxd nphuongsun93 3 months ago stop removing tagme before tagging
DDD ryan.l 3 months ago Nice Daki!
VmaC fireattack 3 months ago Tag vandalism
ToxicInsanity Grabber4321 3 months ago Dont falsely accuse members of spamming.
Grabber4321 ToxicInsanity 3 months ago comment spam
ozone_za2003 ToxicInsanity 3 months ago comment spam
ferkunxd blooregardo 3 months ago Blocked: Rate loli posts properly and include loli tag (313398). Also check the quality of scans before uplaoding.