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Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) is Crypton Future Media's singing synthesizer based on Yamaha's Vocaloid2. It also refers to the mascot character of the same name. The name is a word play: Hatsune (初音) meaning First Sound, and Miku (ミク) deriving from the Japanese slang for Mixer. The official design was created by KEI:

Due to her popularity, several fan-made deriviations of Miku exists.

Yowane_Haku - Represents unskilled users of Miku. Created by caffein.
Akita_Neru - Represents trolls and those who quit using Vocaloid.
Zatsune_Miku - A sexier version of Miku Hatsune. Supposed to be her "dark side".
Hachune_Miku - SD and cute version of Miku, made popular by the Levan Polkka song
Hagane_Miku - Hard Rock/Heavy Metal version of Miku.
Yuki_Miku - Winter version of Miku.
Miku_Append - White clothing, open in the middle.

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