basic crease and gap fixing

Once both parts of an image have been aligned as closely as possible, the gap can be joined.

Clone stamp

Clone stamp can handle most joins. Start with:

  • feather 25%
  • flow 30%
  • airbrush on (check next to flow)
  • aligned on
  • sample current & below
  • Use the largest convenient brush size. Using a smaller brush size than needed will make it more difficult to copy cleanly.

Patch tool

The patch tool can clean up gradients which are difficult to smooth out with clone stamp.

Free transform warp

In some cases, portions of the image can't be aligned correctly, due to printing errors, scanning errors or physical damage. This can be worked around by warping sections to match.

#1: Select the portion to adjust, with the marquee or lasso tools.
#2: Free Transform->Warp
#3: Nudge the warp grid to match
#4: Finalize
#5: The gap can now be cleanly filled.
Updated by petopeto over 11 years ago